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Frequently Asked Questions

What is structured journal?
Structured journal is a private online journal. The entries are structured so that you can focus on your specific goals.

Why structured journaling is easier than unstructured?
With structured journaling you have a series of question or prompts that help you overcome the writer block.

How often should I journal?
It depends on your individual needs and goals. We recommend daily journaling. However even weekly journaling has significant benefits.

Can other users see my journal entries?
No. Each user has access only to their own journal.

Are you going to share my entries with third parties?
No. We will never share your entries with third parties.

My case is special! Would structured journal help me?
Structured journal is designed to be very flexible. You can tailor prompts to fit the unique set of problems you are working on.

How would I remember to write in my structured journal?
Make sure your email preferences are set to send daily entry reminder. Another way is to add the writing task to your daily routine. For instance you can decide to do the writing after you brush your teeth or before going to bed.

For how long should I use structured journal before I see any effect?
We recommend to journal daily for at least 30 days to see if it gets you the results you want.

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